Treasury for

corporations and

complex treasuries

Comprehensive management system with specialized components in the different treasury processes and 100% customizable services to guarantee optimal performance in the management and control of the treasury.

TREASURY.NET- corporations and complex treasuries

It has the features of a transactional environment but also a decisional environment that allows the standardization and computerization of multiple types of activities:

  • Administrative and accounting.

  • Operational and decision-making.

  • Directives and Strategies.

Complete integration

  • TESORERIA.NET is fully integrated with the rest of the information systems avoiding double data entry and making the information generated in said treasury system available to the rest of the systems.

Initial design phase

  • It includes specialized consulting in the execution of treasury processes that allows identifying the necessary information needsand requirements and that will be taken into account during the implementation project.


  • Functionality broken down into parts that, as basic elements and specialized components, allows you to decide which ones are really needed based on your real needs and your particular casuistry.

Process implementation

  • The possibility of approaching the project through different phases and deadlines to adapt to the needs or resources of each company.

Adaptation and customization

  • Personalized, evolutionary and corrective maintenance that guarantees at all times the constant adaptation of TESORERIA.NET to the needs of the organization as well as to legal and regulatory requirements.

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