The most advanced Treasury Management Systems

We have identified the main treasury processes and have automated them in our solutions to offer the best tools adapted to management needs.

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Bank Statement Management

  • Banking information is one of the main sources of information, for this reason we have the necessary communication and integration elements that allow us to manage all your national and international banking entities.

  • Automated position clousures with all elements of control and validation.

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Treasury Management

  • Obtaining the Daily Treasury Position. Effective liquidity management based on a model of information´s statuses adaptable and personalized with advanced functionalities in data processing, simulation and analysis for effective decision-making.

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Debt Management

  • Treatment of short and long-term financing and investment operatinos (credits, loans, leasing, endorsements and guarantees, etc...) .

  • Monitoring of financial positions between companies and Net Treasury Position.

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Budget Management

  • Effective control and monitoring of Financial Planning.

  • Degree of execution of the Treasury Plan and constant updating of the Daily Position with budget estimates. Complete vision in the medium-long term and analysisi of deviations. 

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Reconciliation Management

  • Automated monitoring of balances and accounting and bank movements through reconciliation documents at any date.

  • The most advanced reconciliation rules engine also allows you to create free reconciliation modalities between any database and information source.

Automate Tasks

Automations and unassisted tasks for maximum efficiency in the execution of tasks.

  • Optimization of resources and time spent on manual tasks with little added value.

  • The only system on the market that has the unique reconciliation function. Movements in Accounting and Treasury positions are reconciled only once.

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Get Reports

  • We offer tools and options for obtaining reports on the different administrative, operational and managerial activities corresponding to each process:

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Crystal Reports & Business Objects (B.O) Reports

  • Extensive catalog of standard and custom reports

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.XLA Reports and TAyA Special Functions

  • Integrated with Office tools, it allows the incorporation of data from Excel in a controlled way, messaging in Word or making reports in Excel that are updated in real time with the application's data.

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Directive Control Panel

  • Set of reports, graphs and traffic light indicators that allows to fulfill the directive functions of diagnosis, planning, decision-making and control.

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Operational and Process Control Panel

  • Daily monitoring of the different treasury positions, providing the necessary information for making operational decisions through multidimensional analysis

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The functionality and evolution of our applications, together with the ability to adapt and integrate with external systems, allows us to give the best response to the particular needs and requirements of each private Enterprise and Public sector Goverments and Companies.

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ICT - International Cash & Treasury

Management System in SaaS mode. Automation, execution and control of tasks for effective treasury management.

AF TAYA - Financial Aggregator

INDEPENDENT Aggregation Service for any Bank

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