Treasury for public and local administrations

The functionality and evolution of our applications, together with the ability to adapt and integrate with external systems, allows us to provide the best response to the needs of administrations.


  • It effectively solves all treasury processes, achieving management objectives and obtaining maximum efficiency in the execution of different activities and tasks.

  • All reports and regulatory requirements in standard.

Parameterization adapted to the needs of the Public Administrations

  • The system comes standard parameterized with the budgetary chapters and articles according to the accounting plan by which the Public and Local Administrations are governed.

Provisional Treasury Positions

Positions updated in the different time horizons depending on the degree of certainty of the Collection and Payment Phases and that make up the materialized treasury:

  • Bill.

  • Cashing right.

  • Authorization, disposition, ordination.

  • Payment confirmed, done.

Cash register documents

  • Obtain cash register documents automatically on any date. Reconciliations up to date and without errors or mismatches..

Financial Plan and Reports

Obtaining and monitoring the Financial Plan and Standard Reports constantly adapted to the information requirements (Ministerial Order 2105/2012, Financial Prudence, etc ...):

  • Interest and accrued income.

  • Interests derived from operations with other administrations.

  • Outstanding debt and maturities according to instruments.

  • Multi-annuales.

  • Debt maturity profile in 10 years..

  • Etc...

Dynamic planning management

  • Automatic management of differences between the budget and the cash materialized in the budgetary time horizon. Revised Treasury Plan.

Initial Budgets, Reviewed and Done

  • Closing of versions and analysis of deviations.

  • Anticipate corrective actions by analyzing deviations between what was initially budgeted and what was actually collected and paid in the treasury position.

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